As much of a big fan I am of Power Rangers I never really watched much Super Sentai


I saw that Shout Factory! is releasing Zyuranger (MMPR) on dvd so I decided to sit and watch the first episode and jeez

it’s a wayyyy different

wayyyy better show

Watch more Sentai and you will be enlightened into a new level of spirituality!


chocochlorine replied to your post: “Hey! I think a bit ago you said something about buying the Gokaiger DVD set. How’d you go about that? Do they work in the US? (I dunno how the region stuff works) I think I’m gonna wanna invest in these XD”:
I got the Gokaiger DVD’s mailed from Japan and they work great! And I was wondering what Ozawa DVDs you got? Just curious! ^-^

I already have Toei Hero NEXT 3: Love Gear. But on order is “C” and Graduation. And I am trying to find the second season of Naruyouni Narusa but I got nothin’ :C

Hey! I think a bit ago you said something about buying the Gokaiger DVD set. How'd you go about that? Do they work in the US? (I dunno how the region stuff works) I think I'm gonna wanna invest in these XD

USA??? I don’t…think so…Anyway,  I have it ordered online (along with some Ozawa DVDs). Yea, it is a very good investment especially if you are a huge Sentai fan and love the series!~ The Gokaiger volumes in Blu-Ray. Can’t go wrong with top-notch quality!~ But, no subs of course! XD

Does this mean that you like Super Megaforce better? //Sarcasm





Kuuga - Worth watching for the character relationships. Not too heavy on plot.

Agito - Very plot heavy with a large cast. Can be intimidating for newcomers. 

Ryuki - Lots of action with an easy to follow plot and likable characters.

Faiz - The story goes in a shitzillion directions, but it has really fleshed out relationships for all the characters. Story kind of falls apart torwards the end.

Blade - Bland character and the first half of the show is VERY dull, but it picks up greatly torwards the end.

Hibiki - The first 32 episodes are very underrated. Totally worth watching for its unique story and suit designs. Stop watching after 32. Trust me.

Kabuto - Strong premise with a large cast of characters that, ultimately, don’t end up doing anything. The story falls apart torwards the end, but I’d still reccomend it for the great secondary riders. 

Kiva - Unique Dial-Timeline storytelling (could confuse new viewers) with great designs, soundtrack, and main characters. The plot doesn’t really go anywhere, and the ending is kind of a flat note.

Decade - Don’t watch Decade.

W - Great fights, characters, soundtrack, premise, and a story that has a perfect mix of filler and plot episodes.

OOO - Constantly changing story driven by character motivations. Manages to get you to feel sympathy for the villains too. Ska soundtrack is also a plus.

Fourze - VERY strong cast, but the plot doesn’t really go anywhere. However, the first 12 episodes are some of the best episodes in Kamen Rider History. Totally worth watching.

Wizard - Dull main character and slow-moving story, but has likable secondary characters and introduced a lot of neat concepts that were mostly not delivered on.

Gaim - image