Jason Smith's episodes are actually my favorites. That and his episode that he was in. Love that he's a toku fan too.

Remind me which ones he wrote? Also “Spirit of the Tiger” (which I don’t think he wrote himself) was okayyy…It was cool to see his character come back but their attempt to make Troy “shine” with more personality really upset me~ :U

Oh yeah, Jason Smith is a huge fan of both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. He also happens to be a part of the crew on Super Megaforce, having written the two episodes most like their Sentai counterparts. Funnily enough, both episodes were ones where they used the Jungle Fury costumes.

That’s really cool!!!~I also heard that the new blue ranger on Dino Charge is a toku fan as well. It’s nice to know these things XD

It’s a shame that Super Megaforce isn’t that great tho…I really had my hopes up for this one (maybe not as great as it’s counterpart but really enjoyable)

what do you think of dino charge and do you think it will be good?


My expectations for Dino Charge aren’t too high tho. Reason being is that I don’t want to get my hopes up and then get disappointed in the end. With the last two seasons, the quality has significantly dropped.

One thing that does bother me about Dino Charge is how people are already so in love with the new cast [mainly] because they are so attractive. To be honest, I only find two out of the four guys remotely cute. Yeah, like, remember that the current season has such a beautiful, good-lookin’ cast yet the acting is so BASIC?

I appreciate the fact that the majority of the rangers are PoC (Latino Red, Black Pink, Asian Blue) but I want to judge this season for it’s delivery, not for how boo-ti-full-ee diverse the actors are. From what I know first hand, Brennan has had previous acting roles and is really athletic, also Judd Lynn is returning. Other than that, I know very little but at least there’s something to look forward to….